Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Touch Screen Problem

As a mobile technician, you should be the first to know what happened to the phone before the problem. And if you think it’s caused by physical or liquid damage, there’s only so much you can do. But if it happens due to some software or application issue, then you can ask the phone to respond again. Continue reading as we can help you fix your Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Touch Screen Problem.

Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Touch Screen Problem

Possible causes of Xiaomi Mi 8 SE touch screen problems

  • Broken touch screen
  • Rust caused by water damage
  • Disconnect from touch screen socket
  • The connection path is broken
  • Resistor, capacitor, IC faulty
  • Invalid software or operating system
Solution for Xiaomi Mi 8 SE touch screen problem
  • Disconnect, install touch screen and test.
  • Replace LCD Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and check. This step is to verify if the problem is in the hardware or the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE touchscreen is faulty.
  • If the problem is in the hardware, clean the touch socket on the board and check. Gently heat the surrounding components of the touch screen and test.
  • Solder each pin of the induction socket and check.
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